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QuaZipFileInfo Struct Reference

Information about a file inside archive. More...

#include <quazipfileinfo.h>

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Public Member Functions

QFile::Permissions getPermissions () const
 Get the file permissions.

Public Attributes

QString name
 File name.
quint16 versionCreated
 Version created by.
quint16 versionNeeded
 Version needed to extract.
quint16 flags
 General purpose flags.
quint16 method
 Compression method.
QDateTime dateTime
 Last modification date and time.
quint32 crc
quint32 compressedSize
 Compressed file size.
quint32 uncompressedSize
 Uncompressed file size.
quint16 diskNumberStart
 Disk number start.
quint16 internalAttr
 Internal file attributes.
quint32 externalAttr
 External file attributes.
QString comment
QByteArray extra
 Extra field.

Detailed Description

Information about a file inside archive.

Use QuaZipFileInfo64 instead. Not only it supports large files, but also more convenience methods as well.

Call QuaZip::getCurrentFileInfo() or QuaZipFile::getFileInfo() to fill this structure.

Member Function Documentation

QFile::Permissions QuaZipFileInfo::getPermissions ( ) const

Get the file permissions.

Returns the high 16 bits of external attributes converted to QFile::Permissions.

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